Babylon 5 - Lost - Film - Theater

"Cross The River If You Can"
(Mira's first TV appearance)
(TV movie)

"Head or Tails"

"In The Jaws Of Life"

(Mira's first "Golden Arena" award, the
highest award in the film in the former

"The Golden Apple"

"Three For Happiness"

"The Voyage To Vucjak" (TV series)
with Rade Sherbedgia "The Saint"

"Beaty of Sin"
(Mira's 2nd "Golden Arena"
for best actress)

"The Loves of Blanka Kolak"

"Dear Video"
Directed by Goran Gajie, Mira's husband

"My Antonia" with Eva-Marie Saint

"When Father Was Away On
Directed by E. Kusturica,
"Golden Palm" in Cannes.
Academy Award Nomination
for best foreign film.